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Trunk lockout

Locked keys in trunk?

If this hasn’t happened to you, then you can as well count yourself among the luckiest people. It is very easy to forget and lock your car keys in the trunk. But don’t worry, Locksmith Connect has your back. We connect you to the most qualified autolocksmith that you could find in the industry currently. Simply the best of the best. These are trained experts that will unlock your trunk with absolute skill without damaging your car. Be warned, if you attempt to open your trunk using crude tools you will most definitely damage the locks or even the components of the car which will cost you thousands of dollars to repair. Do you really want to incurr such damage and inconvenience when Locksmith Connect LLC is a call away?

Most locksmiths would want you to choose between having the job done fast, or if you want it done right? We like to think that these are not mutually exclusive. Locksmith Connect LLC has prevetted professionals with first-hand experiencethat will get the job done swift an effectively. You can be sure your car will be safe.You will barely notice if there was any entry to your trunk at all. Keen attention to detail will be taken in order to assure that your property is not harmed. Regardless of the brand, model, year of manufacturing, or the aftermarket accessories that are on it, our fast locksmith will be able to open the trunk.

What to expect

Locksmith Connect LLC has locksmiths scattered across different locations ready to serve at the touch of a button. These locksmiths have mobile workstations that have all the tools they need to unlock your trunk and recover your keys. Once the technician arrives he has to diagnose the problem. The technician would then give an estimate of what it might cost. The time taken to complete the work would depend on the model of the car. An ordinary car lockout will take around 5 minutes for the techinicans to solve. For example, a deadlock systerm would rake longer to open because of it’s security features that prevent manual manipulation. However, this is not a shoker to us. We connect you to highly trained professionals have opened thousands of more complicated lock systems and gained valuable experience. You might be surprised how fast we will sort you ot without using magic.

Car makes / models

Cars are always changing with the times. What works for one model of car will not always work for another. In fact, the trick that works for a particular car-manufacturing brand will only work for so long. As the years press forward, car security changes, even within a company. For that reason, there are no hard and fast rules with opening locked trunks. It all depends on the manufacturer, model, and year on the car. From there, difficulty may arise from nonstandard modifications to the vehicle.

All of this will make the job less straightforward, but that is just the way a locksmith likes it. Every trunk lock a locksmith sees may be different. Sometimes trunk locks are very similar to car door locks. Often they can be opened with the same key. In almost all cases, the key required to open exterior locks on the car will not require a transponder chip, even if the ignition cylinder does.

Some cars may have an interior trunk release button in addition to a keyway. Other trunks may have no keyhole at all, and require a smart key, fob, etc. Other times you might find that your trunk won’t open because the trunk lock is broken or stuck. Whatever your car may need to open, a locksmith can deliver.

Challenges of a deadlock in an automobile

A set of keys locked in the trunk of your car is only made worse by a deadlock feature. There are various types of deadlocks, but they all center around the same basic concept. Deadlock refers to a feature that disconnects your interior door locks from the actual locking mechanisms. That is to say, if you were to push the buttons, or pull up on the post locks in your car, the doors would not open. The disconnect keeps any physical manipulation of the locks, other than the key, from opening the car. This feature may turn on whenever the keys are removed from the ignition, or it may take some manipulation of the fob/key. Once the deadlock is engaged, opening the car becomes very difficult. But have no fear, because our locksmiths have seen it all before